Outdoor Furniture Trends 2014

Outdoor Furniture Trends For Summer in 2014

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So what is the outdoor furniture trends for summer in 2014?  When you are ready to go shopping for new outdoor furniture to upgrade your outdoor living space, take into consideration the new and hot outdoor furniture trends for summer 2014.

Outdoor Living Room - Summer 2014 

This time of year, outdoor sectionals and chat sets are more preferred than ever. These items are excellent for large families or individuals who have a lot of gatherings, cook-outs or get-togethers at their house. Since these items can seem to be costly, it is best to pick out a natural color or style so you can add little details and bursts of colors with throw pillows or other components and quickly change them when you are prepared for something new.

Presently, there is not a whole lot of change involving the interior and exterior living rooms. We are experiencing higher interest in our sectionals and living room suitable items, encouraging families to enjoy leisurely discussions apart from the dining area. The only distinction is the all-weather fabrics.

Outdoor Furniture Colors - Summer 2014. 

If you want to be certain your outdoor terrace or deck is fashioned with the most current furniture, select one of the popular colors of 2014.  Black and white is always in style, so you can never go mess with it. If you want to go vibrant, turquoise and purple are popular, and we suggest mixing-and-matching for a little more appealing desire. Try selecting solid colors for your primary lounge and chair cushions and then put a little pattern  with accent pillows.

If you are not a fan of the chevron design, you may have problems. Chevrons are almost everywhere this spring from outfits to wallpaper and even outdoor patio furniture. There are several shades to select from and you can always highlight your style with a solid colored throw pillow. Big floral prints, lines and paisley styles are also in fashion, along with vibrant, solid colored items.

New Accessories That Look Old

A massive trend we notice is that a growing number of designers are going with an antique or vintage look. Things that feel like they were drawn directly from last century conventional storage facility. At the same time, pottery that is decorated and properly detailed to look like it came from the pre-cultured outdated world.

New Outdoor Furniture Inventions

A great quantity of flame-less candle lights outlines the modern products. These brilliant battery controlled LED candles give the impression of a playful flame and even come furnished with a timer. In comparison the real flame Modesto fire columns were a big item.

Trending Outdoor Furniture Accessories

Outdoor clocks carry on to be common with more designers now producing them. Outdoor wall décor likewise is seeing a big increase and looks to be reappearing.  Outdoor pet bowls once a modest niche item seem to be getting steam as they now appear in a much broader selection.

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