Outdoor Plant Stands Under $20

Functional Outdoor Plant Stands Under $20, A Steal Deal!!!

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Outdoor plant stands are commonly used to bring height to plants in pots. Other advantages involve a decorative way to set plants together, such as herbs or blooming plants, and outdoor plant stands can also offer more ground room for extra pots of plants or other outdoor objects. They can also be used as a spot for indoor plants when getting them inside for the day or season.

Rates vary on average from cheaper, about ten to twenty dollars, to more costly. Many various styles can be found on the web, at nearby garden shops and larger retail outlets that provide gardening materials, or even through the magazine. Another aspect in the price will be in the unique features or options you want or want from the plant stand.

Outdoor Plant Stands Types

Many types and styles of stands for plants are available. For instance, there are planters created out of wood, cast iron, copper, rattan and vinyl.

Styles also vary significantly, from a conventional box look, to vintage, current and fashionable. Some designs will provide more than one tier or staggered tiers.

Various colors can be a choice with boxes made of specific components. Other alternatives can include styles of finishes, and characteristics such as hooks or clips for incorporating extra items or plants onto the stand. There are also bins that are wall positioned and even hanging containers.

Outdoor Plant Stand Features

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As earlier described, many designs and patterns are out there for these outdoor stands. If the stand will be used specifically outdoors, strength and weather-resistant characteristics should be regarded.

Some producers feature ultra violet ray safety, which can be significant, particularly in areas that have a lot of sunny days or very extreme sunshine.

Wooden boxes may need maintenance to the wood for safety over the years from outdoor weather subjection. On the other hand, certain woods can hold up against various outdoor circumstances and will not need a lot, if any, maintenance to the wood itself.

Many ornamental plant stands can also operate as indoor stands, and if this is the expected objective for the client, then light weight and simply portable styles would probably be one of the most significant concerns.

You will discover that outdoor plant stands are provided in a number of various styles, characteristics, construction elements and rates. Based on the planned use of an outdoor plant stand, a person most probably will find a stand, or a number of outdoor plant stands, to meet their requirements, whether buying at retail stores or on the web.

Outdoor Plant Stands Under $20

Panacea Contemporary Plant Stand
Panacea Contemporary Plant Stand, Black, 15.5"
Sale Price: $19.49
Panacea Plant Stand with Finial, 15-Inch, Black
Panacea Plant Stand with Finial, 15-Inch, Black
Sale Price: $11.99
Panacea 86725 Plant Stand, 30-Inch Height, Black
Panacea 86725 Plant Stand, 30-Inch Height, Black
Sale Price: $16.99
Plastec PS101BK Patio Stand, Black, 8-Inch
Plastec PS101BK Patio Stand, Black, 8-Inch
Sale Price: $13.48

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